Summer Transfers

Of course we also offer transfers throughout the Spring, Summer and Autumn seasons too.

Many ski resorts are also awesome summer holiday destinations, with a large number of activities available, and a very comfortable climate.

As well as Airport Transfers we offer transfers for activity companies and private customers to and from many destinations.

You can make use of our enclosed bicycle trailer (holds up to 10 bicycles of all types, E-bikes, downhillers, road bikes, etc.). Or we can carry 2-3 motorcycles depending on the size. With extra secure tie down points, and extra wide ramps for loading and unloading, even large motorcycles are no problem.


Stand Up Paddling

Please check out our sister company for some summer fun on the water.

SUP River

Looking for the next level!

If you´re a competent SUP paddler or a whitewater kayaker, you can try whitewater SUP. With a specific type of inflatable board paddling in rivers is a really fun way to experience SUP. Contact us for more details

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