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Bike transfers, Alpencross/Transalp, Airport Transfers, Holiday Transfers in Tyrol & Vorarlberg - West Austria.

Getting there, and returning home safely are the most important parts of your holiday!

Choose the best!

Your family’s safety and comfort during the airport transfer is worth a little extra, so why search for cheaper just to save the price of a few drinks?

Innsbruck Airport Transfer
Our punctual Innsbruck airport shuttle brings you safely and comfortably to or from your holiday destination. Door to door service - Ted's Transfers, Innsbruck airport taxi will chauffeur you to the entrance of your hotel, even if that means fitting snow chains for the last 200 metres. No trudging through snow with suitcases up steep driveways.
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Munich Airport Transfer
Munich airport offers many more flight connections, and is closer to Tyrol as many people realize. Our Munich airport transfer service offers you and your family or group a safe, reliable and comfortable ride to most popular ski resorts in Tyrol within 3 hours and 30 minutes.
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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many cheaper transfer companies operating in our area under the “Innsbruck Airport Taxi” slogan so why should you choose “Ted’s Transfers”.

Ted’ s Transfers is a small, one man business based just 40 km to the west of Innsbruck. Ted does the driving and manages the bookings himself. You have direct contact with Ted himself and your transfer will be reconfirmed shortly before you travel, for absolute peace of mind. For return transfers you will be contacted via telephone/sms on the previous day to reconfirm, or to adjust pick up times due to weather/road conditions.

Before you book with a cheaper transfer company we highly recommend that you look for their negative reviews on Tripadvisor and Google reviews. However you won’t find the negative (1-3 stars) on their own websites, only on Tripadvisor or Google itself.

There are more and more families and groups being left stranded at the airport or in resort, because their booked transfer hasn’t shown up. Being left stranded often means a very long wait for a new taxi, because all taxi companies are fully booked out on transfer days. Most of these unreliable companies have a flashy internet presence, the best prices and are the first to pop up after searching for a transfer company. They always promote nice new Mercedes vans and professional drivers, but unfortunately the reality is often far from their website promises. Messy vehicles smelling of cigarette smoke and inexperienced drivers from eastern Europe, talking on their mobile phones is more the norm.

Your family´s safety during your transfer, is our number one priority. Your enjoyment, comfort and confidence of your transfer is our second. Making sure you get to your flight with ample check in time, or to your hotel without having to wait at the airport, goes without saying.

The initial price of a private transfer may sound expensive, but when you divide the price between the number of passengers travelling it should seem a lot more reasonable. There are many costs for a taxi company that aren’t initially obvious: Driver pay: (hours – twice the journey time, plus breaks, plus waiting time at the airport. Most taxi drivers earn minimum pay and work long hours. We believe in good pay to assure highly experienced and professional drivers). Insurance: (high quality cars means higher comprehensive insurance costs, plus passenger liabilty insurance, and business insurance). VAT: (Known as “Mehrwertsteuer” here in Austria, 10% is paid for transfers in Austria, Switzerland and Italy. 19% for transfers in Germany). Fuel: (As electric cars aren’t yet feasible for longer distances and mountain driving in winter, taxi companies have high fuel costs. We also want to offer you a comfortable luxury vehicle, not a “Ford Fiesta” with a tiny engine. For a 100km transfer 20-25 % of the price is just covering the fuel cost). Hidden costs: (Tyre replacement every year, both winter and summer tyres, vehicle purchase/leasing, service and repairs, cleaning, parking, toll fees, office work and office/business costs. All of these small costs have to be calculated in to the transfer price).

Airport transfers can either be paid in cash directly to the driver at the end of the journey, or we now accept all major debit and credit cards. Alternatively by bank transfer up to 3 working days before the journey.

Please feel free to add a tip for the driver to show your appreciation for his service.

Yes. We have a mobile card payment device and can accept all major debit and credit cards, as long as there is no disturbance to mobile internet reception.

On most transfers we assume that each passenger will be bringing one large bag/suitcase and a smaller “carry on” piece of luggage. For winter transfers we also assume that each passenger may have a pair of skis and boots or a snowboard bag.  These can all be easily accommodated in our large roof box and luggage space of our Audi A6 Allroad, or our large Mercedes Sprinter minibus. If you have more luggage than normal, or oversize bags (especially extra large snowboard bags, with all of your gear stuffed in them), please let us know in advance. We would hate to not be able to fit something in, or force you to travel with luggage by your feet or on your knees. For bikes we use an enclosed trailer fitted with “Thule Upride” bike racks, offering secure and stable and clean transport for all sorts/sizes of modern bikes, with no risk of damage. We know what your bike is worth and handle it appropriately.

Our vehicles are kept to very high operating and cleanliness standards. During the winter months it is the law to drive with winter tyres in Austria. We only use high quality and regularly replace our tyres to ensure the best grip in snowy conditions. During snow storms or to get to and from certain hotels in resorts we may use snow chains for added grip. This can lead to a few minutes delay in transfer time but is important for your safety.

Our main pickup airport is Innsbruck, but we also offer Munich airport transfers, Salzburg airport transfers, Zürich airport transfers, or Memmingen and Friedrichshafen.

We have a note of your flight number and will monitor the arrival of your plane. There are no extra fees for delayed flights. We appreciate a little help, so please feel free to send us a text message if you experience any inbound delays.

If your outbound flight is known to be delayed it may be possible for us to change your pick up time. Please contact us if you would like to rearrange the pick up time.

Please be punctual for your arranged pick up time, and assure that your hotel bill is paid and your luggage is ready to be loaded by the driver. Delays at your hotel can lead to stressing to get to the airport on time, which means a less comfortable journey for you and your driver.

During bad weather it is not uncommon for flights to be diverted to other airports. Please contact us immediately by telephone and help us get an idea of when you will be arriving at the airport. We can track your flight online but not the buses used between airports from diverted flights.

It may be possible for us to collect you at the diverted to airport to make your delayed journey more comfortable. Additional costs may apply.

Our Mercedes Sprinter minibus has a larger interior space with larger windows resulting in passengers feeling less cramped and even able to move around if necessary.

Our use of child seats keeps children higher in the seat and more focused forwards helping to prevent motion sickness. We even find that watching movies on tablets can help to stop children looking out of the side windows, which can lead to motion sickness.

We will bring you to your destination swiftly, but we will not race you there as fast as possible. We want to offer you a comfortable ride without flinging you around the bus in the bends.

If the worst happens
Please advise the driver immediately. It is usually possible to pull over and stop quickly for fresh air. (Not immediately possible on the motorway). Our minibus is equipped with everything necessary should a passenger feel car sick. Waterproof bags, cleaning materials, and extra air fresheners. However in extreme cases an extra charge may be applied if excessive cleaning is necessary.